Steadhelm Episode 1

Death In The Desert (Mike GM - 1/16/10)

Three scavengers in the Ankarch Desert are raiding the remains of what appears to be a party of Steadhelm citizens, perhaps on the path to the Mountains of Misplacement. These vultures, an Eladrin Wizard named Vangar, Human Fighter Aegor Rockcastle, and Gnome Druid known as Pock Thompson, don't seem too concerned with what caused the massacre (though they all seem to agree the work seems to be humanoid and not the killings of a beast), and they are not even concerned with the fact that one of their comrades, a Shifter named Malakai, has gone missing.

No…. what concerns them is a cart full of gold and jewels, that appears to be moving on its own… and moving away from them.

Pock is quickly sent out to go find their Shifter companion, but only becomes his claws and fangs may be of some use.

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