Steadhelm - Episode 7

Finbar's Fears (Mike GM - 3/5/10)

The wizard stares at the knife in the table.
Aegor stares at a roomful of bodies.
Pock Thompson stares at a ship full of children's bodies.
Malakai stares at children playing soldier in the streets.

Thankfully, three of the four are interrupted by Finbar who oddly seems even more troubled than they by the census he has taken. Perhaps because of what they've see, perhaps due to Finbar's tone; Vangar, Aegor, and Malakai all agree to Finbar's plan.

Pock Thompson, meanwhile, is on his own.

One Week Later…
"Vampires again!" Sonja says with a mixture of disbelief and anticipation.

The three others may not share that anticipation, but they seemed to believe Finbar when he told them of his prediction that the undead may soon return as a threat to Steadhelm. That or they just wanted to get away from what they saw.

Actually Vangar, Aegor, and Malakai all secretly left for this desert stand against vampires, precisely because of the disturbing things they had seen.

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