Stonehearth is a large stone-carved building in the Gold District of the Krell Caverns. It is built to blend in among other buildings and shops, but a closer examination shows that it is more fortified like it was meant to be a keep at one point. It is built in an angular U shape, with the bottom part of the U being the front and the other two sections extending back into a gated alleyway.

The floor level of Stonehearth is actually an unused tavern, converted from a planning and staging area at some time in the building's history by army captain Mac Halestone, who brewed his own ale. The backroom has large barrels and other brewing equipment along with a good sized kitchen area. The front room is stone with polished wood accents, and if cleaned up would be a comfortable place to relax and enjoy a tavern experience. The bar is supported by two seating areas that extend back following the U shape of the building.

The basement has some storage space, with a locked stone door leading to a spiral stairway with access to a vault in the under Vault District, though the vault has no (apparent) entrance beyond the basement.

It has two other floors and a fortified roof area with battlements.

The two other floors have a variety of bedrooms, storage space, council rooms, and bathrooms. It has no other amenities, though artisans could be hired to add on to the building. Note that any actual additions would be of less quality than the original structure; it was obviously designed by a master architect from long ago.

Base Progress

  • The bar area has been cleaned up by various followers and Vaultdiggers.
  • Vaultdiggers have investigated the vault, finding it be very secure.
  • A sign has been put up out front of the Tavern floor, naming it "The Double Dwarf" in four languages: Common, Dwarvish, Goblin, as well as Giant (with an added note that says: while we enjoy your company, we can't accommodate your company).
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