Temparlo Traveling Company

An organization that offers up its services to guilds, parties, or other groups of modest to large size that seek to travel across the world of Seldren. Temparlo is well regarded across the land for their abilitiy to put into action fantastic and logistical sound travel plans of great size which emphasize speed and efficiency for overland or oversea travel.

Temparlo's main competitor is the Halmarst Secure and Safe Passage Guild. Critics of Temparlo's services (usually Halmarst or backers of Halmarst) say that Temparlo takes the ultimate risk of not providing the appropriate security to those they have been hired to escort, as well as taking elaborate and unnecessary routes to the chosen destination. Temparlo refutes this by their track record of great speed for their customers, as well as the respect they have from various cultures and kingdoms for their diplomatic dealings with their respective governments.

Members of Temparlo Traveling Company

  • Mellcharan - Male Eladrain - Founder and leader of Temparlo. A former wild youth who had many adventures on the road. Used his personal experiences as the basis for the creation of Temparlo and its view on travel.
  • Fenriq Valast – Male Gnome course planner for Temparlo. Often assigned to lead Temparlo crews where dangerous elements are in play. Fenriq embodies the very essence of Temparlo strategy as his elaborate routes planned employ speed and a non-confrontational approach to cultures encountered.
  • Holsten - Male Minotaur. Fenriq's right-hand man. Not seen as extremely studious by his peers, but respected as the best at dealing with aggressive acts on the road. Oddly not known for his acts of combat in these moments, but instead his ability to talk his way out of a fight. Well-liked and quite popular with the ladies.
  • Kutoy - Female Dwarf linguist whose expertise lies in the various cultures of Taern. Differs from Holsten in her academic background and surprisingly in her resolve that sometimes things need to settled with fists and hammer. Of course like every one else, gets on quite well with Holsten, her closest friend on the road.
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