The 140

A (supposed) secret society, consisting of the offspring of the original 140 founding members of the town of Lindure. What is truth, and what are rumors, is up to debate. Many of the citizens of Lindure have their own thoughts on the members and goals of the 140.


There are few truly known facts regarding the 140. The town was originally a small fishing village, consisting of 140 adult men and women before gold was found. Very few members of the 140 are actually known, though the reason for this is unknown. The few that are known are named throughout the city districts and landmarks.


Every member of the town has their own favorite rumors regarding the 140, though many of the rumors revolve around the society controlling some aspect of the management of the city. Depending on where you ask, and who you ask, you could hear some wild tales.

  • The 140 use the height of the Falkland Towers to spy on every member of the town
  • The 140 never actually died, they were turned into undead vampire lords and stalk the streets deep into the night.
  • The 140 use their wealth to develop luxury mansions, to satisfy all their desires.
  • The 140 use the Parliaments as a puppet government, to control every aspect of the city (down to when their streets are cleaned!!!)
  • The 140 manipulate every major government in Selden, profiting off of the wars they create.
  • The 140 sacrifice a member of their organization every 20 years to renew their pact with with a dark entity, bestowing them otherworldly powers.
  • The 140 throw homeless people into Rellek's Chasm to keep their streets clean!!
  • The 140 laid a curse on the sea to cause the destruction that destroys any ship that sails into it!
  • The 140 actually masquerade in costumes around nearby cities, foiling crimes.
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