The Chronicles of Cousin Cyrus

A young prince sent out by his family to become a man, hopes to return home to rule the Kingdom of Dorthone.

Unfortunately for him, even after years of warfare and the death of hundreds of those in line for the crown, young K.Y. Cyrus remains 27th in the bloodline, and appears doomed to a life of servitude, like his forefathers before him.

But Cyrus is but a boy… and who knows what adventures await him yet. His hired companions certainly hope this doesn't get too messy.


  • K.Y. Cyrus - Eladrin Ranger
  • Rock Punchgroin - Human Paladin
  • Kardok - Goliath Fighter
  • Arby Ged - Goliath Invoker
  • Balthazar - Tiefling Bard

Season One

Episode 1 - A Wasteland of a Home

Episode 2 - The Sails of the Cursed Cyrus

Episode 3 - The Lost Kings of Taern

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