The Dig

The Dwarven 12th Stonemason Brigade has seen their fair share of calamity. Kingdoms devastated by war, lands consumed by flood waters, villages destroyed by mudslides. They make a living doing that which very few care enough to do: Helping those that need help. They find themselves the forefront of the rebuilding effort after disaster, time after time.

The town they are currently in was victim to a great storm. The waterfall that the town was nestled near has largely eroded, causing the river above to run rampant. Mills cannot operate, and fisheries that the villagers rely on for food are being damaged. Large sections of the town lay in ruins, destroyed by flying debris, wind, and lightning. The lower half of the city remains flooded, and many cellars have caved in, causing sinkholes to appear.

But all this is just another day for the 12th. They've seen worse than this. They've fixed worse than this. And on their third day, they've made serious headway. They don't see the damage as a time of mourning, or a time of despair. They see these towns as a new beginning, for many times destruction can bring about an incredible renewal.

Corporal Khap Stoneskin knows this all too well. He's seen towns on the brink of being erased from the map turn into something greater than they ever were. And it's this hope that drives him. But he'll be damned if he can tell any of these towns apart.

"Private! Remind me again…exactly what town ARE we in?"

A young private, Pep Irongaze, pops up from his digging. "I…don't actually know the name of it sir…all these surface towns begin to look alike after a while. I think this is Flood Town #21 for us though, if that means anything to you."

"Hmmph…get back to work Private. We need to get all of these sinkholes excavated and refilled before we can bring in the heavy stuff we're going to need to tackle the river."

"Sir yes sir!" The private quickly gets back to his excavation.

Khap wanders around the town, checking in on his men at each step. This storm troubles him more than many he has seen…unlike most, it seems like this town is the only town in the area that suffered extensive damage. The leaders of the town, a dwarf and elf that share mayoral duties, have been quiet on the details as to what actually went down. Luckily the dwarf had some connections that allowed Khap and his men to get here so quickly.

"SIR!!! I'VE FOUND SOMETHING!!!!" the private screams. Khap stares into space for a brief moment, thinking that they didn't come here to FIND anything. He runs to the private, and fights his way through the dwarves and the town residents.

"Sir…I've never seen anything like it. It's…it's beautiful."

The private holds up a finely crafted crystal, wrapped with an intricate silver chain. A strange blue light shines across the four facets of the crystal.

"Give that here son." Khap takes the crystal from the young dwarf. "Whatever this is…it belongs to the residents of this town. I'll let the mayor know."

Khap has only dealt with the mayors a handful of times, but they seem like good folk. He walks into the town hall, partially damaged from wind. A woman sits at the desk in the entryway.

"What's your business?" the old woman snidely barks. Khap thinks to himself how much he hates this woman.

"You know damn well what my business is woman. I've come in here multiple times a day, you know who I am, and you know what I am doing here. Now please, I need to see the mayor!"

The door to the mayors office opens, and an elf walks out. "Now now Corporal, no need to be angry with my secretary. What can I do for you?"

"We found something…we thought you may be interested. I don't know if it's related to the history of the town, or if you want to sell it to help pay for repairs, but…it looks a bit important." Khap hands the crystal to the elf, who stares at it intensely for several minutes, completely silent.

"I need to speak with the other mayor. Would you care to join me?"

If Khap would have known how far away the other mayor lived, he probably would of said no. But after a good hour of hiking, through the forest, UP a mountain, they finally get to the hole in the ground the Dwarf mayor calls home. The fact that he lives such an isolated life doesn't concern Khap. What does concern him is the feeling that he is being watched…

The elf approaches the cave entrance, and lights a torch. A booming voice echoes from the cave.

"Who the heck is bothering me on my day off!"

The elf barks back. "It's me you oaf! Get out here, I got something to show you!"

The dwarf gripes as he walks into the light. "This had better be good you twinkle toed arrow shooting pansy."

"Our friend here found this while digging in the town." The elf drops the crystal, holding it by the chain. "Have you ever seen anything like it."

The dwarf holds the crystal in his hand, feelin every edge, every facet. "I've seen alot in my life. I've dug deep into the earth, I've seen fantastic gems, amazing crystals. I've seen treasures that belong to dragons, and I've smashed many a devil in my life. I've never seen anything like this. It's cut pefectly…amazingly clear…and these markings! I've never seen anything like them…they're not a mineral vein, they're not actually etched onto the surface. It's like they're a part of the crystal! What could make this Farador?"

The elf responds, stoic as always. "I don't know Lad. What amazes me, though I don't recognize it, is that the markings almost look like writing…"

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