The Dwarf With Many Names

These are the adventures of the most famous dwarf that absolutely no one knows. He's been a card dealer. A river rafting guide. A librarian for a short time. He is everywhere and nowhere.

He is The Dwarf With Many Names, and these are his adventures.

Season One

The Dwarf With Many Names

Act One - The Package

Episode 1 - The Gardener and The Ankarch Desert Death Race (Mike GM - 1/20/09)

Episode 2 - The Patient and The Three Wizards of Memory (Mike GM - 2/10/09)

Episode 3 - The Quarry and The Circus of Blood (Mike GM - 2/17/09)

Act Two - The Assassin

Episode 4 - The Card Dealer and The Gamble of a Lifetime (Adam GM - 2/24/09)

Episode 5 - The General and The Child Abductor (Rancid GM - 2/24/09)

Episode 6 - The Architect and The Gateway to Hell (Mike GM - 3/3/09)

Act Three - The Town

Episode 7 - The Criminal and The Doomed Sheriff of Buildar (Adam GM - 3/10/09)

Episode 8 - The Saint and The Sinners of Buildar (Mike GM - 3/10/09)

Episode 9 - The Gatekeeper and New Buildar (Mike GM - 3/22/09)

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