The Dwarf With Many Names - Episode 4

The Card Dealer and the Gamble of a Lifetime (Adam GM - 2/24/09)

The Maddox lies in the heart of Dorthone. A cesspool where the only things that survive are gambling and greed. It is in the Maddox where a sinister plot begins that may shape the entire future of a kingdom. The dwarf knows that in the Maddox, there is only one philosophy, trust no one. The dwarf deals the cards again. "Who will be thinning out their wallets tonight?" he wonders, as he looks at the men across the table.

To his immediate left sits a very pale man. The vampire followed the dwarf yet again. However, it never hurts to have a man on the inside.

Next to the pale man sits a rather muscular human, who seems to be dressed like a gladiator. The gruff man has been at the Maddox every night since the dwarf took the job. He claims to have been the reason Dorthone survived the Great War. But anyone who's anyone knows the real hero was Willy Clark Griswald.

In the center are too oddly dressed Eladrin. They act very odd and stand out in a place such as this. The dwarf is surprised they haven't been robbed or mugged yet.

To the immediate right sits a paladin. "No place for a paladin either" the dwarf thinks to himself.

"Let's get started, shall we?" the dwarf says as he deals the first hand.

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