The Dwarf With Many Names - Episode 6

The Architect and The Gateway to Hell (Mike GM - 3/3/09)

Kinidod – Keith
Corey – Draconis
Adam – Mountainbeard
Rancid – Architect Assistant #1
Dusty – Architect Assistant #2

Asmodeus walks into The Happy Halfling and attempts to buy his way into control of Gribale. He of course doesn’t realize that Porter and his gang half recently pulled off the score of a lifetime by breaking Dorthone.

Vangustius Manus is puzzled by Porter’s actions. “That man offered you more than you could make in this town in a lifetime! And yet you rebuff him?”

“Don’t trouble yourself gladiator. Spin some hammers. My town of Gribale will be fine,” Porter sends him away with barely a flicker of his wrist and calls for Kinidod.

Kinidod and Limrock get to work on a monument to Willy. Under Porter’s directions it must outclass the Phallic Flute To The Sky in Halton. “This will be our protection from thieves like Asmodeus!” Porter
exclaims to the clerics. “Find me someone who can construct something so magnificent.”

The Dwarf has set up shop in Gribale as an architect. His crew is small.

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