The Dwarf With The Mountain Beard

He is known by many, but unknown of by many of the same people he has come into contact with. This is a story of those who know the dwarf behind the beard. And what happens to them because of this knowledge…

Season One


  • Evergreen - Wilden Seeker (Jared)
  • Hunk Sugdush - Half-Orc Fighter (Mike)
  • Jezebel - Half-Elf Warlock (Shane)
  • Matthias - Minotaur Paladin (Patrick)
  • Nat Feliwigg - Gnome Sorcerer (Keith)
  • Ronen - Deva Cleric (Adam)

Supporting Characters:

  • Forge
  • Goblin Sam
  • Robert


  • Ronen's Nemesis
  • Sindri and her organization

The Friends of Mountainbeard
Episode 1 - His Contacts and Their Caravan (Mike GM - 4/23/10)

Episode 2 - Dinner Discussion In The Mountains of Misplacement (Adam GM - 5/21/10)

Episode 3 - Ronen Tracking (Patrick GM - 6/4/10)

Episode 4 - Let's Take A Walk (Keith GM - 6/18/10)

Episode 5 - Nothin' Much (Keith GM - 7/2/10)

The Map of Mountainbeard
Episode 6 - The Weeping Mirror (Mike GM - 8/20/10)

Episode 7 - The Magic Man (Shane GM - 9/3/10)

Episode 8 - Robert (Mike GM - 9/10/10)

Episode 9 - Looks Like a Feast (Mike GM - 10/8/10)

Episode 10 - The Blank Canvas Girl (Keith GM - 10/8/10)

The Keep of Mountainbeard

Episode 11 - Spotters In The Maze


Mountainbeard has gathered allies of assorted background and origins to aid him in a quest they don't yet understand.


  • Meeting Mountainbeard - The exact origins of Mountainbeard's friends remain varied and mysterious.
  1. Nat Feliwigg - Nat's first meeting with Mountainbeard is a mystery but at one point The Dwarf With Many Names used Nat's previous employment as a miner of the Gem Fields to gain information that led to Mountainbeard's romance of the Heiress of the Gem Fields.
  2. Matthias - The minotaur mentioned briefly to Hunk that Mountainbeard helped end his service to a corrupt lord.
  • Ronen's Nemesis - After a vampire bite in the desert, Ronen attacked the Halmarst leader and fled. An abomination assumed to have been created due to something of Ronen did, has followed him and his companions since their trek underneath the Mountains of Misplacement. Recently suspected for the disappearance of Ronen at the Hunk Sugdush Dinner Dish Festival, and later attacking Hunk on the group's river journey to meet Robert.
  • Hunk and Jezebel's Will They or Won't They? - Though Hunk is a half-orc and Jezebel is a half-elf, he's all man, and she's all slut. The flirtations are numerous:
  1. When confronted with a few unscrupulous Tiefling Cultists outside their dungeon near Halton, Jezebel was quick to have Hunk tie her up when he suggested using the Wookie Prisoner tactic.
  2. While Hunk was celebrating the first annual Hunk Sugdush Dinner Dish Festival in Mirlast, Jezebel kept her wench-like eye on Hunk and his nine lovely ladies until she couldn't take it anymore and pulled the Angry Stalker on Hunk.
  3. When Hunk was brutally stabbed by Ronen's Nemesis on the Love Boat ride to Robert, Jezebel cried out "My baby!". This was later followed up on when Jezebel resuscitated Hunk with his favorite… ham and titties.
  • Evergreen's Racism - Evergreen had a misguided upbringing that has led him to hate "fleshies" as he calls them… basically anything that is not a tree. He also refuses to enter or ride or sit or have anything to do with anything made of wood. His racism was confronted by Robert's threatening of his "friends", and also the teary eyed look of a Radiant Nat who expressed genuine concern over the status of Evergreen and Nat's friendship.
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