The Dwarf With The Mountain Beard Episode 2

Dinner Discussion In The Mountains of Misplacement (Adam GM - 5/21/10)

The Mountainbeard Gang volunteer to enter the Mountains of Misplacement in the stead of Halmarst Secure and Safe Passage Guild, in an attempt to curry favor with both them and Temparlo.

Temparlo is obviously pleased that their rival travel company will not be causing an incident in the Mountains, or clearing the path for the Royal Family of Buckmris, a client that Temparlo worked hard to attain the contract for.

Halmarst meanwhile, are impressed with the definitive stance taken by the Mountainbeard Gang, as they enter the Mountains to clear out any trouble that a small dwarven child has wandered into the camp to warn about. The child appears to have been beaten and he claims that Dorthonian refugees in the Mountains have begun to attack the native Dwarves of the Mountains.

However, the group enters and merely fines a calm group of Dorthonian elves having dinner. Hunk, who bravely walked into the gathering with the intent to whip ass, instead moves on to his next favorite thing: eating.

The group wander back in a bit of a post-non-ass-whipping funk, but that is quickly cured when Nat proceeds to lay a beatdown on the dwarven child accuser, who it turns out was told to spread these lies by the Halmarst leader: Erick Tansd. The other members of the group come looking to beat him down, Hunk instead pees in his bed in half-orc justice, but it turns out that Ronen has already dealt with him:

The group finds Erick's body with his throat ripped out. It would appear that Ronen is a vampire.

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