The Event

The town of Soyarz's Green lay quiet as the workers toiled. They have worked tirelessly for days, stopping for only the briefest of breaks, assembling all of the components necessary for the equipment. For today, Soyarz's Green is about to become the site of something very, very special.

The town lays between Lindure and the Ardot Empire, a small spec of civilization, barely worthy of appearing on any map. A small path shoots of the main road, and carries on for miles before you finally reach the town. The path rarely sees foot traffic, which makes the ornate carriage, guarded by several well armored guards, all the more odd.

The carriage stops well outside the town. A female voice emanates from the carriage. "Do we really have to walk in the mud? I despise getting soil on my shoes."

"Yes my dear, this is the best viewing location for the event." One of the guards opens the door, and helps a beautiful young woman in a sea blue dress out of the carriage. A young man follows, as does a middle aged gentleman, and a very old halfling. One of the guards mentions for the group to follow him, and leads the group up a muddy hill.

"Darling, this place is so primitive. Can't we just hear a story about this afterward?"

The older gentleman speaks up. "No Charlene, if it works, this event will be something to tell your grandchildren of. And it will work…won't it Lottos?"

"Mr. Falkland I assure you my calculations are completely correct. I've checked everything 30 times. In exactly 12 minutes and…", the old halfling checks his pocket watch, "thirty six seconds, at that exact spot, the crossover will occur. We'll have a window of exactly 17 seconds to commence the chain reaction."

"It had better. Though I have incredible faith in the work that you and young Ghent have accomplished."

Lottos throws a glare at the older man. "My work is infallible…but I'm not as convinced about your protege."

The younger gentlemen steps in to defend himself. "I have more experience than you will let yourself believe Lottos. I assure you."

The halfling nods, seeking only to appease the young man. He's been in the research game to see his type before, young hotshots that did well enough on exams to gain an ego the size of the Starfall Ocean. He dares not fight him on this, he'll fall soon enough.

"Has the citizenry been relocated?"

Ghent smirks. "Why Lottos, worried you carried a remainder wrong?"

Mr. Falkland is quick to assure to halfling. "Don't worry about the citizens. They have been taken care of."

Lottos continues to stare at his pocket watch. At 7 minutes, he motions for all the workers to retreat to a safe distance. He nervously watches the clock, and with each tick begins to sweat a bit more. This is the largest event Lottos has ever been a part of.


The equipment begins to shine with a radiant energy. A large gem in the center hums, receiving a resonance from an unknown location. Lottos fires a burst of energy from a specially prepared wand. The results are not what anyone expected.

Charlene turns away in horror. Ghent comforts her in his arms. "Sweetie I want to go home. I didn't want to come…I didn't want to see this…Please I just want to go home." They quickly hurry down the hill, and into the carriage.

"I thought you said this would work Lottos."

"Adrial…It should have worked. My calculations were perfect…I double checked…"

"DO YOU CALL THIS PERFECT HALFLING?" Adrial points at the chaos Lottos has unleashed.

"We need to block this area off. Tell the residents that they need…"

"Don't worry about the residents Lottos. I told you, we took care of them."

"But you…you said…monster!"

"Lottos I don't care how much you've done for us. You will not speak to me in that tone. That is, unless you want her to go back to…"

"No Mr. Falkland that is not necessary. I…I am sorry for my tone, and for my failure. I will fix this sir."

Mr. Falkland slowly begins the trek back to his carriage. "Of course you will Lottos. You have no choice in the matter."

The carriage takes off, followed by the guards and laborers. Lottos sits on the hill overlooking what he has done.

"I will fix this. I have to. It's the only way I'll ever get us home…"

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