The Marooned Maniacs

The Northwestern Islands of Taern are not for the faint of heart. Few who are decent ever travel to these isles for fear of the legendary beast that sleeps underneath the waters. Only pirates dare venture out into the uncharted islands, seeking lost treasures of old.

There is a more recent tale of lore that men tell as ghost stories to their children. A tale of a group of pirates who were left to rot on an uninhabitable island. These men were left to die because they were the worst of the worst. They raped, murdered, stole, and did many other sinister things. They were so bad that their own captain made them each walk the plank as he and the rest of the crew set sail on another quest, better off no doubt.

This is the tale of those men who were left. This is the tale of the Marooned Maniacs. And they want revenge…


Episode 1 - Do Coconuts Float? (Adam GM - 1/20/09)

Episode 2 - Tiny Tim Blows Half His Face Off (Adam GM - 2/10/09)

Episode 3 - The Gang Gets Crimson Strand(ed) (Adam GM - 2/17/09)

The Maniacs

  • Tiny Tim - Former first mate of the Cynthiana, which was led by Captain Rochester. Tiny Tim, the supposed leader of the marooned pirates, has done less leading and more reckless gallivanting. It is because of Tiny Tim that the youngster of the group, Boy Jackie, was taken captive. It was also Tiny Tim that lit the match that blew the entire ship manned by Captain Rasmus into thin air, which in turn blew half of Tiny Tim's face off as well as four fingers on his right hand.
  • Pervis Ellison - A tall, gangly fellow whose extremely thin figure is almost as intimidating as a man five times his size. Pervis can see the fear in others eyes as they look upon him and wonder, "Will this man who obviously has nothing and thus nothing to lose… will he eat me?" Other than that, he's a fairly well-mannered fellow who usually puts himself in a position to further his interests. As of late he has started up a coconut business… and business is booming.
  • Toro - A giant dwarf who is always happy to jump in on a killing. He and Pervis almost single-handedly wiped out the crew of Captain Rasmus before the ship was blown apart by Tiny Tim. His skills with a blade may only rival his cold heart and ruthless nature.
  • "Boy" Jackie Jones - The young former cabin boy of the Cynthiana was taken under the wing of Tiny Tim. He's spunky, 17 years old, tall, dark, and handsome. Boy Jackie constructed the raft that eventually saved the crew from the island of Scathia.
  • Charlie (Kuntakinte) - Poor Charlie. He's probably the only one who didn't deserve to walk the plank. Captain Rochester only sent him to Scathia because he was the smallest slave of all. Short, black, and bald, Charlie is definitely the runt of the group. The group first thought that Charlie couldn't speak in the common tongue. However, after Charlie rescued the crew from the boat explosion and helped them escape on the raft, he revealed his identity as Kuntakinte, and he spoke the common tongue in perfect form.
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