The Motley Jug

A bar located in the city of Feldun. Center of operations for The Pollywogs.

The bartender is a male, Half-Ogre Rogue (10th level)

In the corner is a bard that performs for drinks. Young dancers are working on tips throughout the establishment.

A rumor has recently been going around the tavern that the statue in the town center is actually a petrified Paladin.

Breakfast: Blood Pudding, Chicken Eggs, Goose Eggs, Peaches, Corn Pone
Lunch: Veal sweetbreads, Griffin-milk cheese, Black Beans, Blackberries
Dinner: Lamb Chop, Shreiker Steak, Succotash, Centaur Rye, Apple Pie
Snacks: Goose Eggs, Raisins, Coarse Rye bread.

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