The Mountains of Misplacement

The mountains that divide the continent of Taern have usually been controlled by solitary beasts that stay that way for a reason. Travelers, if there be any, make haste in crossing over to the other side and only do so if a great opportunity presents itself to be worth the danger of making the trip.

However ever since the end of the Elf/Orc war in the Southeast of Taern, and the once mighty King of Dorthone conceded the war in a treaty that sure felt like a defeat, the mountains have changed. Former citizens of the now failed Kingdom of Dorthone are seeking a better place to raise their families out West. Having lost much of their military force, unfortunately Dorthone is unable to help these former citizens on their journey.

That leaves the travelers open to attack from the beasts that stalk the mountains… or even worse the mercenaries who promise them safety, but have thoughts of theft and murder once they are outside the realm of the elves. That leaves but a few who watch over the travelers and do so for unknown reasons. Hopefully those reasons are enough to protect the families traveling across The Mountains of Misplacement.

Player Character Ideas

  • A former Elf of Dorthone who finds it a travesty that his people are left to fend for themselves after the kingdom's failure in The Elf/Orc War.
  • A Dwarf of the mountains who shares in the feelings of the displaced elves, he being of these very mountains and of the same sentiment that his time and home have moved on.
  • An arrow-slinger from The West without any people… but plans of his own once he gets back… and hopefully with a few allies in his debt once he sees them over the mountains.
  • Fun loving orc who has returned to the mountains after having "too much" fun in Mantaus. Though good-hearted… ALL SHOULD FEAR HIM.


  • Tasartir - A quiet elf who many claim "has eyes like a hawk." Tasartir was put in charge of the 20 elves that decided to stay on the Cliff of Collinor after a vote was cast on whether to follow Ellias Lagorn back to Dorthone.
  • Thoradin - A hot-tempered dwarf who leads a small band of his own race through the mountains. They know the mountains like the back of their hand. He helped Ellias Lagorn with his travels by sending one of his own clan, Strom, to serve as Ellias' guide through the mountains.
  • Toto Toll - One of the Toll brothers, Toto is the brains of the operation. That is, when the brothers decide to pick on unsuspecting wanderers in the mountains he is the one who usually has the plan. Get in, slit their throats, take their money, and get out. Recently had his leg wounded by a scuffle with Ellias.
  • Thor Toll - One of the Toll brothers, Thor is the muscle of the operation. That is, he is the one who does the slitting of the throats. However, he doesn't have the best reflexes, as was seen when Ellias Lagorn was able to shoot him and his brother in the knees and tie their legs together.
  • Strom - A dwarf under the clan led by Thoradin. He served as a guide for Ellias Lagorn through the mountains and is currently accompanying the Elves back to Dorthone.
  • Maewen - An elderly elf who leads the elven refugees in the mountains after the capture of Wrothgar and his men.


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