The Nine Hells

A criminal organization with deep seeds planted in the town of Buildar. Sheriff Werric first started noticing unusal attacks on the small town and initially thought it had something to do with the famous adventurer Randolf Percius retiring to the area. Percius himself mentioned suspicions he had to an investigator from The Order of the Silver Scale, Edgar Lighthammer, whose superiors wanted him to investigate the suspicious activity in the area. "If crime is about, then there has to be something worth taking," Percius stated to Edgar. He explained that this was why his group The Crimson Strand were gathering in Buildar.

However things were later brought to light that showed Percius knowing more than he initially let on. Werric overheard Percius telling Batsa about his daughter with red hair who had poisoned Mountainbeard and would later attack Batsa himself, and warning that she was extremely dangerous. Later a group from Gribale called The Hardbottle Thieves who stormed The Crimson Strand Keep to find Percius talking with his daughter who seemed to be trying to get her father to join her and Carrion, the former leader of The Crimson Strand, in their operation to take down The Nine Hells. Percius warned that he himself had tried such a ploy and that Asmodius would not fall so easily, The Tiefling Brothers (Batsa and Etriga) apparently had been spies for Percius on The Nine Hells and the wary paladin feels that this treachery cost them their lives.

(The Tiefling Brothers died at the hands of their sister and during their death by burning her group chanted, "To the Nine Hells…")

The Lady of Red seems somewhat amused by this theory and says only that "The Tieflings served their purpose" and that Percius should trust in Carrion as he once did. The debate doesn't go much further as Percius implies that he is ashamed of his daughter, to which she sees his wish to forget her come true and hits him with The Poisoned Alcohol.

It remains to be seen who is a member of The Nine Hells or what the group's ultimate goal may be. Furthermore it is curious to see multiple factions all trying to bring down The Nine Hells (Percius, Carrion/Lady of Red, and Werric's men) and yet they all seem to have different viewpoints and methods… and don't seem concerned about the other factions' safety.

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