The Pale Man

Human/Vampiric Ranger - Player (Corey)


The Pale Man was originally one of the three Wizards of Memory, a ruse to cover the fact that the three wizards were actually just private investigators. He along with his two associates tracked the dwarf Mountainbeard to a medical outpost in Newton, on the edge of the Ankarch Desert. The dwarf appeared to be in a coma so the three wizards traveled to the town of Hillsborough, where the package was last seen. What they found there was a dead town. They did, however, also discover a young girl who they believed to be this package the dwarf was traveling with. After an unfortunate encounter, the "wizard" was bitten and turned into a vampire.

The other two wizards had a scuffle with the girl, but only through the help of Mountainbeard did the three survive. The other two decided to burn the inn, where the vampire was staying, but luckily enough Mountainbeard decided to save him as well saying "I may have need for you later."

The young girl turned out to only be a replacement for the real package. And so the vampire followed Mountainbeard on several other adventures. To date he has been seen in the Mountains of Misplacement, Halton, and Dorthone.






Leader of the Circus of Blood.


  • Mountainbeard - The dwarf saved the vampire's life after he was left for dead.
  • The Circus of Blood


Long-Term Goals

Recruit as many people into his circus of blood as possible.

Short-Term Goals

Feed on people as necessary. See what the dwarf has to offer.


The Dwarf With Many Names

  • Episode 2 - The Patient and The Three Wizards of Memory (Mike GM - 2/10/09)
  • Episode 3 - The Quarry and The Circus of Blood (Mike GM - 2/17/09)
  • Episode 4 - The Card Dealer and the Gamble of a Lifetime (Adam GM - 2/24/09)
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