The Popcorn Hire

A group of adventurers ("not thieves" as their leader often reminds them as they are re-routing goods) who… get into adventures. Though they have not established themselves to a great deal of fame, this group's mixture of mischief and good deeds, combined with various selfish end games of the individual members makes for an often contradictory guild of loosely connected swords for hire.

Hire them at your own risk.



  • Bane - Shifter Warlock (Jared)
  • Ekku - Githzerai Warlock
  • Merl - Eladrin Sword Mage (Patrick)
  • Revlet - Lizard Man Bard
  • Telchar - Deva Cleric (Keith)
  • Travy Wayne Underburrow - Halfling Monk (Shane)
  • Vaxlug - Dragonborn Warlord
  • Zak Wilde - Githzerai Avenger (Shane)
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