The Fall and Rise of the Scarlet Thread

A group of adventurers begin to pick up the pieces after a tragic defeat a year prior. Their keep in ruins, and their treasury spent, the group begins back at square one…finding a hoard of gold to rescue.


  • Walt Wildhammer - Dwarf Ranger (Shane)
  • Marcus Damien - Human Fighter (Patrick)
  • Unnamed - Human Wizard (Mike)
  • Unnamed - Half-Orc Barbarian (Jessica)
  • Unnamed Wildhammer- Dwarf Sorceror (James)
  • Unnamed - Half-Elf Rogue (Nancy)
  • Hope Nemeia - Tiefling Bard, Deceased (Keith)



  • Episode 1 - Picking up the pieces (Keith GM 11/5/14)
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