The Silver Scale

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The Order of the Silver Scale, which boasted over 200 paladins, started out of a city to the West known as Rastonia. The Order made its base and holy church in Rastonia, where citizens lived peaceful and happy lives due to the protection they received from the Order. The Order saw itself as the protectors of Taern, and thus dispatched its warriors into the continent to seek justice and to help those who couldn't help themselves.

Along the way the Order managed to make many enemies, most notably with a dangerous organization that called itself the Cult of Zehir, a group of assassins for hire. The members of Zehir keep their numbers a secret, so no one knows how big or small the organization actually is. Somehow the Order of the Silver Scale made enemies with the Cult of Zehir, which in turn caused their downfall.

The Cult's first action against the Silver Scale was to recruit one of their own, a paladin named Seras. The paladin was given his own mission for the Cult but it didn't involve the destruction of the Silver Scale, although he did murder one of his own after his true motives were revealed. The Order, which was spread out across Taern, was hunt down and slaughtered by the Zehir assassins.

Only 12 paladins survived…


  • Gelard - Dragonborn Paladin - Gelard is the second most powerful paladin in the Order, right below Emerson Flaghart, Chieftain of the Silver Scale. He is also scarred by his father's death from the second dragon invasion.
  • Big Hand - Goliath Paladin - A partner to Gelard. Though he is larger than his comrade, he looks up to the Dragonborn.
  • Denson Haggart - Human Bard - His master, Hidden Tracks, has recently died. His last wish was for Denson to seek out a true dragonslayer and learn the lost art. Denson calls himself a dragonslayer, yet he has never actually slain one.
  • Draconis - Dwarf Barbarian - Draconis seeks to atone for his past mistakes. He decided to seek the life of a hermit in the desert town of Hillsborough after he failed to join the Hardbottle Theives. He has recently taken on Denson Haggart as an apprentice, and hired Oswroth as a bodyguard.
  • Oswroth - Half-Orc Barbarian - Hired bodyguard for Draconis. He is good at what he does. And what he does is destroy things.
  • Viashiv Bladewing - Dragonborn Warlock - Always the runt of the litter, Viashiv looks to make up for what he lacks in height with sheer might. He has recently been hired by the Kingdom of Mantaus to uncover the truth behind a rumor regarding a third dragon invasion at the Mountains of Misplacement.
  • Ackbar - Human Rogue - The loyal, yet sneaky apprentice to Viashiv. Ackbar has a sixth sense for spotting danger. And good fortune seems to find its way to him in the form of safety from insurmountable odds, much like being surrounded by rage drakes in a tent and surviving with only a few minor wounds.

Fifteen Years Ago

Act One - The Fugitives

Episode 1 - Enter the Dragonslayers (Adam GM - 10/29/09)

Episode 2 - The Mischievous Men in the Mountains (Adam GM - 11/5/09)

Episode 3 - A Much Bigger Problem (Adam GM - 11/12/09)


Episode 4 - The Impossible Assassin (Adam GM - 4/12/10)

Episode 5 - Project: Glorious Air… A Redemption Story (Adam GM - 4/23/10)

Episode 6 - The Voidglaive Reforged (Adam GM - 5/7/10)

Act Three - The Portal

Episode 7 - Dragon Island (Adam GM - TBA)

Episode 8 - The Cave of Death (Adam GM - TBA)

Episode 9 - Golgotha (Adam GM - TBA)

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