The Silver Scale Episode 1

Enter the Dragonslayers (Adam GM - 10/29/09)

Quick recap:

Two paladins from the Order of the Silver Scale, Gelard and Big Hand, are sent to recapture two criminals who were let loose in the Mountains of Misplacement.

Meanwhile a dragonslayer known as Denson Haggert, the young apprentice to Hidden Tracks, searches out a small desert town known as Hillsborough in search of a lone dragonslayer named Draconis. Hidden Tracks was also a dragonslayer and trained Denson. Hidden Tracks' dying wish was for his young apprentice to finally slay his first dragon. To do this, Denson needs the only other dragonslayer known to be alive…

Two drifters, Viashiv Bladewing and Ackbar, travel through the Ankarch Desert. They were hired by the nation of Mantaus to spy on the army of Steadhelm, who just so happens to be on the march. Viashiv and Ackbar are meant to investigate the army's actions and report back to Mantaus.

Viashiv and Ackbar take a rest in Hillsborough and come across a small hut being guarded by a barbarian named Oswroth. He is the bodyguard to Draconis, the last known dragonslayer. A small scuffle between Oswroth and Viashiv breaks out as Draconis finally exits the hut to settle the matter.

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