The Twindell District

The Twindell District started with such great intentions. It was meant to be a center of job growth, a place of manufacturing, of craftsmanship, of amazingly skilled labor.

Unfortunately, things went wrong. Every large city ends up with certain…undesirables…living within the city. The unemployed, the homeless. Thieves, Urchins, Rats. All have found their home within the Twindell district. Many of the factories are now used to shield the city of Lindure from a mass of overdeveloped housing. Crime runs rampant, and due to the prejudices of many of the upper class in Lindure, many non-human citizens end up here, and find themselves victims.

The center of the district is the Eclipse Projects. A group of factories and shops have been built high into the sky…walling off the residences that make up the slums of Lindure.

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