The Wild Heretic's Taproom

A tradition in the Telldor District of Lindure, The Wild Heretic's Taproom has been a haunt for some of Lindure's more eccentric individuals for over a century. A staging point for the Immigrant's League during the Miner's Rebellion, the Heretic has become something of a landmark. A plaque has been placed over the bar by the current owner, "Laughing" Jekyll McMurry, stating the Heretic as the last haven for "Free Thinkers" in the city of Lindure.

The Heretic has a very tight knit community of regulars, including the "Culture of Conspiracy" group, founded by a Tiefling Politician by the name of Verstaadt, an older human wizard by the name of Rinn Eggren, and a crotchety old dwarf who is only referred to as "Bullshit", a reference to the wild tales he spins.

The Heretic is a proud server of Stoutbrew's Lagers.

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