The Wrong Party

A group of terrible adventurers doing terrible things. They do enjoy each other's company though, and send lovely birthday cards to one other.



  • Wilt, the lovable Hyena.
  • Prudence, Paladin of Pelor and unwilling bride of Razvan D'Krov
  • Joy, Prudence's sister


  • Episode 1 - Save a Girl From Probable Danger… and Deliver Her to Certain Doom (Jessica GM - 11/25/13)
  • Episode 2 - I Don't Spend Much Time With Susan (Or Wrong Party 2: Electric Boogaloo)
  • Episode 3 - A Web of Lies
  • Episode 4 - A Large Opening…
  • Episode 5 - Vote Fargus!
  • Episode 6 - My God They Stole Their Butts (Mike GM - 7/11/14)
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