Halfling Rogue


A small halfling, constantly afraid of being disciplined, taunted, or beaten by his master. Despite specific instructions by Dareth, has used Dareth's magical items from time to time while his master was gone. Though he suffers near-constant abuse (both physically and mentally), Tomleey is happiest when he is at Dareth's side.




Buildar. Specifically Dareth's Observatory, though Dareth makes it clear that Tomleey is to sleep in a small room (most would call this a "closet") near the kitchen. This way Dareth can insure that Tomleey makes quick with the coffee and bacon. And Tomleey quite enjoys the aroma.


Assistant to Dareth. This includes cooking, cleaning, laundry, running errands, and occasionally throwing one's body in front of one's master because it has been ingrained in any well-respected assistant's conscience that the life of the master means much more than the life of a servant. To think of dying for Dareth on a near-constant basis makes Tomleey feel more like a warrior with occasional assistant responsibilities.


There can be only one for Tomleey… and that is of course Dareth.


Dareth's enemies. If ever the list of Dareth's enemies were to include Tomleey, then Tomleey would be his own nemesis and relish his own demise.

Long-term Goals

If Tomleey was honest with himself he may say to become a wise and great wizard like his master… but Tomleey not only doubts he could ever become a wizard such as Dareth, he KNOWS this failure is the truth.

Short-term Goals

Fetch Dareth a book from the study.


The City of Buildar

  • Episode 1 - Settling in Buildar (Mike GM 10/21/08)
  • Episode 4 - Finding a New Town Deputy… In Prison (Mike GM - 11/04/08)
  • Episode 7 - Business As Usual (Adam GM - 11/12/08)
  • Episode 13 - The Return of Eldros' Bane (Keith GM - 12/03/08)
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