Urist Stonebreaker

Dwarf Fighter - James The Kings of Krell Caverns


Despite his noble position, Prince Urist was raised in the mines below Gemhollow Cavern. Working side by side with his future subjects he pulled the metals and gems from the rich veins deep
beneath the earth. This labor made him strong and he and his people learned a mutual respect for one another. He moved quickly into the role of foreman and eventually supervised the entire kingdom's
mining operations.

His noble duty called upon his father's death (at the ripe age of 230) and he took the kingdom as his own. His duties expanded but his focus was still on the protection and supervision of the mines
that were the lifeblood of his kingdom.

The output of the mines has dropped in recent years as attacks by monsters have increased. Entire sections of the deepest caverns have been sealed as the threats within have become too dire to risk the lives of his miners. The threat continues to grow and the size of his kingdom and the safety of his people are reduced day by day.

It is with a heavy heart that he leaves his people, especially his wife Baena and young son Torvin, without his protection. Urist recognizes his duty to his fellow kings and to dwarfs everywhere as he leaves the cavern in an uncertain state to attend the Council.

Occupation: Miner, Protector, King

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