Tiefling Warlock (Player - Mike)


Growing up as a young tiefling, Verstaadt became accustomed to the rumors that would beset her socially. Finding most of them to be preposterous, Verstaadt took great pleasure in shooting down stories of her parents practicing dark arts, or carrying out the orders of an underground criminal network. Her mother, a performer in risque stage productions in Halton, courted her own controversies, but none of those came anywhere near any form of magical impropriety or illegal financial dealings. And if anything her father led an even simpler life, not even daring to raise an eye with his craft as a set designer who specialized in outdoor productions. It was this specialty that led Verstaadt to become fluent in many cultures across all of Taern and most of Seldren. However this also meant reliving many of the rumors of the tiefling race… a people descended from a pact with demons long before the young girl was born. Perhaps it was this that led Vertaadt to start researching her people.

What she found frightened her, as she learned that although many of the tales of the Tieflings were exaggerated to entertaining effect, her people were indeed born of a troubled history. A troubled history that Verstaadt knew all too well followed them to this day, no matter how her or her family carried herself.

Eventually Verstaadt's parents found themselves mounting a highly complex and groundbreaking performance in the city of Lindure… only this groundbreaking performance would take place in the air. The performance went off without a hitch and the tiefling family from Halton found themselves welcomed with open arms by the city. It was here that Verstaadt first heard of The 140, the much talked about original settlers of Lindure who legend would have one believe, still controlled this city to this very day, nearly a 150 years later. Verstaadt found it interesting that here she found a people who had their own boogeymen, and whose power seemed all the more real than any fire-wielding tiefling could accomplish. These people toppled governments, took advantage of the future not through might, but by dictating what the future would hold.

The 140, if true, held true power. Verstaadt made it her goal to discover the truth about the city of Lindure and The 140. And perhaps she would find that the legends held some truth, as the discovery of her race's history led her to wield some powers of her own.






Lindure Parliament member and scholar.


Ronald, pesonal thief and all-around "dirty hands".


The 140…. if they turn out to be real.

Long-term Goals

Discover the truth about The 140.

Short-term Goals

Day by day counter the myths about Tieflings.



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