Halfling Warlord - Player (Mike)


A halfling with a foul temper and a generally foul way of looking at and dealing with the world, though he has been known for his love of coffee and a fine bathrobe… so peace and quiet is not something he is opposed to, but God help you if you oppose his peace and quiet. Has hinted at previous adventuring experience that seems to have given him a greater appreciation for the quiet and safety of small towns and it was later revealed that he was a former member of The Crimson Strand. Has placed a great value on the lives of the average citizen, but absolutely no value on those that would endanger them. Believes firmly in captial punishment.






The law of Buildar. THE LAW.


  • Rake "Mountainbeard" Lighthammer - Dwarf Fighter - Former "right hand man" to Werric, though given Mountainbeard's constant backstabbing of Werric, it was questionable how long Mountainbeard would have stayed in the Ally category, if not for his unfortunate death. The loss (like any of Werric's guards would) has made Werric even more prone to violent outbursts (the Griswaldians can attest to that). After the murder of Mountainbeard, Werric stored the dwarf's body in his Secret Prison, and refused to bury his former "right-hand man". Unbeknownst to others in Buildar, Werric discovered two marks on the body, and assumed something was amiss. He would be proved correct, though a reunion with Mountainbeard is yet to be.
  • D.B. - Dragonborn Ranger - According to Werric, "the only dragonborn of any count that I ever met". One of the few in his life that Werric would trust with his life, this former deputy of Buildar has been recently broke out of prison by Mountainbeard and is now apart of The Law of Buildar. Surprisingly passed over for deputy in favor of Mountainbeard, though Werric is still in his debt for "the mission for Buldar" that landed D.B. in a Lamascus prison.
  • Sarlansa - Former human female guard of Lamascus who has was recruited by Mountainbeard to take a job as a guard in the town of Buildar. She has now made it her mission to help the law in Buildar find "The Lady with Red Hair" as she was attacked by the mysterious woman in her last day in Lamascus as the Lady of Red came across Sarlansa during her escape from Edgar Lighthammer's clutches. This point alone has put her in Werric's favor and the usually bitter halfling is seeing that whatever unfortunate events that have led to the escalated need for protection it has also brought the blessing of people as capable of Sarlansa finding positions in the town's security detail. Unlike her former superiors in Lamascas, Werric has no gender bias and only wants his people "to get the damn job done".
  • Ike - Half-Elf Rogue - The former resident thief of Halton accepted Werric's offer to join his Lawdogs… as the "unlawful" component of the bunch. Ike's tasks for Werric include anything outside of the boundaries of the law. He was initially seen by Werric as the replacement to The Tiefling Bros. who have been found incompetent either mentally (Etriga) or physically (Batsa) and then were burned outside of town. Ike perhaps most successfully held the title of Werric's "right-hand man", replacing the famed Mountainbeard, and later when Werric sacrificed himself in The Tunnel to Hell, he passed on his Sheriff badge to Ike.


  • Edgar Lighthammer - Human Paladin - The differences between Werric and Edgar only took Edgar's first day in town to come to light. Lighthammer is a member of The Order of the Silver Scale and a man of law himself. However his law does not have the… swiftness in nature that Werric's does and upon seeing Werric bust down Perceus' door with an axe, slit a Crimson Strand attacker's throat once they were down, and then topping it off by burning down Perceus' mansion, Edgar attacked Werric. Unfortunately he missed and was gutted by Werric in the middle of the street. Amazingly he survived (much to the odd amusement of Werric) and the two have had a strange cease-fire of sorts until "The Lady with Red Hair" is found. Still the day where the two will fight for the correct form of law of Buildar is coming… when is anyone's guess.
  • Cap'n Jack - An unknown enemy to Werric, his name has been mentioned to him as a threat by Lighthammer, but Werric dismisses this as he is prone to do until his knife is in someone's belly. Until that day came Werric went about business as usual until Cap'n Jack arrived to town to take revenge for the bad alcohol Werric sent to him (by proxy of Mountainbeard). Werric did what he usually does if he doesn't kill an enemy outright… he hired him. Cap'n Jack patrolled the river outside of Buildar, acting as an advance scout for Werric's guards, until The Battle of Buildar came and the whereabouts of the Cap'n, like many others in Buildar, are unknown.
  • Randolf Percius (though Percius' latest actions have brought this into question) - Werric's bias against uppity adventurers is exemplified by Percius and the rich, retired adventurer's decision to settle in the small town of Buildar. Constantly on Werric's case for his handling of the safety of Buildar, The Sheriff finally took matters into his own hands once suspicion was cast on Percius in regards to a connection with the town gate being torn down. HOWEVER, Percius was sent by Werric ahead of Mountainbeard to rescue D.B. from prison. It is yet to be seen if their former aggressions to each other have subsided just for the moment or if a shared goal has united the two former enemies. The revelation that Werric was a former member of The Crimson Strand with Percius gives credence to the idea that they have yet again resumed an alliance.
  • Anyone who threatens Buildar or its residents.

Long-term Goals

Protect Buildar and its citizens.

Short-term Goals

See to Mountainbeard's return. The presence of an idiot flute player only further eats at Werric that Mountainbeard lays dead.


The City of Buildar

  • Episode 1 - Settling in Buildar (Mike GM 10/21/08)
  • Episode 2 - The Buildar Booze Switch (Mike GM - 10/28/08)
  • Episode 3 - Dareth's Eye for an Eye (Josh GM - 10/28/08)
  • Episode 4 - Finding a New Town Deputy… In Prison (Mike GM - 11/04/08)
  • Episode 6 - Arming the Law & Unlawful of Buildar (Mike GM - 11/08/08)
  • Episode 7 - Business As Usual (Adam GM - 11/12/08)
  • Episode 8 - Cap'n Jack & The Crimson Strand (Keith GM - 11/12/08)
  • Episode 9 - The Tiefling Connection (Dusty GM - 11/19/08)
  • Episode 10 - There's Something in the Blood (Josh GM - 11/19/08)
  • Episode 11 - Last Stand of The Crimson Strand (Adam GM - 11/25/08)
  • Episode 12 - The Hardbottle Heist of a Life (Mike GM - 11/25/08)
  • Episode 13 - The Return of Eldros' Bane


3025 XP (current through Episode 14 of The Town of Buildar)

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