Willy Clark Griswald

Halfling Bard - Adam in Gribale & Buildar


"He was a very dear friend of mine, and while not one I would expect to find wielding a sword… when the time came, he gave his life in battle… for friends that he had never even met." - Ellias Lagorn


Willy was a famous bard known mainly for his great flute playing but was also known to be a very charismatic and funny comedic performer. Although not from Gribale (When he wasn't traveling the land performing, he resided in the outpost of Halton) the famous Griswald gave his final great performance in the Gazebo of the town, an event that has caused many fans to visit the area, to see the performance hall named after the halfling. Willy died in the orc siege of the Kingdom of Dorthone. His death has had lasting impact on Ellias Lagorn, and the elf could think of little else but resurrecting his bard friend.

After cutting off Willy's finger and failing to get him resurrected by the great cleric Octorus, Ellias was informed by the cleric that Willy's soul was being protected by the gods and that there must be a specific time and place meant for Griswald's return. That time came upon The Hardbottle Thieves reporting back to Porter that Willy's beloved flute was found unharmed in a fire that tore down a mansion. Ellias made it a point to track the flute and was able to follow The Lady with Red Hair to The Keep of The Crimson Strand, where The Hardbottle Thieves did what they do best… take what they wanted. Willy's return was met swiftly by a celebration by his followers, though he quickly denounced them after their part in the murder of Mountainbeard. It is yet to be seen why the gods would protect Willy's soul until now and what he was meant to do in Buildar.




Willy's grave and memorial resides in Gribale.

After his resurrection he appeared in Buildar to settle matters with the Griswaldians.


Entertainer of many, master of none.


  • Ellias Lagorn - Willy became great friends with Ellias when their paths crossed in Gribale. They fought valiantly alongside each other during the orc siege of Dorthone.
  • Porter - Willy didn't ask questions on how this man became so influential, and why he was looting King Eldros' treasure. He just knew it looked like fun and he wanted to have fun too.
  • Anyone who loves to listen to music.


  • The orcs of the Bludchok'Hai - For they were the ones Willy fought his last battle against and lost his life. Any friend or follower of Willy Clark Griswald is an enemy of the Bludchok'Hai.

Long-term Goals

Become a respected musician.

Short-term Goals

Have fun with Ellias and the gang.

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